8. Filters

The Nord Rack has 5 filter types.

The filters have an extra setting, just as for pitch, Keyboard tracking

We're going to need a bunch of filters, let's put them in a New Macro and call it Filter. Note that the Notch Filter on the Nord Lead is a combination of a Notch and a Low Pass 12dB Filter. They say this sounds better than only a Notch Filter. Because this combination was the filtermode on that synthesizer I used most of the time, I think it's a nice challenge to remake this and see what result it gives.

This Filter Macro will need at least one In Port (Insert Module > Terminal > In Port) for the audio signal... And yes also an Out Port (Insert Module > Terminal > Out Port).

Of course add the filters! I've taken some from the Modules and saw wich one seemed useful. Get them from (Modules > Filters)Maybe these will answer the requirements:

Between these ports come the Filters and the Switch (Insert Module > Panel > Switch), name that Filter type. Also add a Switch for the KBD Track.

The connecting shouldn't be difficult if you understood previous parts. "Create Control"'s for the P and the Res(onance). For the special Notch Filter, I think a mix from 2 filters can be used, done with the (Module > Math > Add)

Figure 10. Filter Structure

Filter Structure

Note: Again, also the Filters need LFO input, but it isn't here (yet). If you think you will need the FM filters instead, you are right. Well I needed them in the end, I don't know if you do. Really, there are and must be several ways to make it sound the way you want.. As for now I don't know what's the best. There are also Envelopes in the Modules list, waiting to be used or abused.. Just keep it sounding and you won't lose the motivation to expand your synthesizer. After all that's what Reaktor is, an expandable synthesizer.