9. Filter ADSR

As found on almost every synthesizer, also our Nord Rack will need A(ttack), D(ecay), S(ustain) and R(elease) control. The Volume will also need an ADSR, so let's make a Macro for it so we can reuse it.

Create a New Empty Macro and call it ADSR. Give it an "In Port" terminal and name it G (from Gate) and an "Out Port". Add a ADSR module (Insert Module > LFO, Envelope > ADSR) and "Create Control" its inputs so it has an Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release control knob on the panel.

Figure 11. Filter ADSR

Filter ADSR

But, because the Filters will be FM modulated, we actually going to need the types wich support FM. Change the existing filters with their respective FM types. Their F input will be used for the FM, their P input for the Keyboard Tracking. Probably there are more ways to connect these components for the desired effect. Note that the F needs another range than the P inputs, so we have to use some math again with a Multiply and Add Module (Insert Module > Math > Multiply).

To make some faster progress in this tutorial and don't waste too much time, Here's how I did it.. The final Filter Structure.

Figure 12. Final Filter Structure

Final Filter Structure

What you see here are

And now it's getting interesting in the panel..

Figure 13. Filter Panel

Filter Panel