2. Starting somewhere

Fire up Reaktor and Open a New Ensemble.

Delete the existing Instrument from the [Ensemble - Structure] because we want to start from scratch. (Insert Instrument > _New - Empty)

Give it Nord Rack as a name or anything else that you like. Double click on the Nord Rack to get in the [Nord Rack - Structure] , wich is empty, at least for now.

The Nord Rack receives MIDI thus let's add a NotePitch (Insert Module > MIDI In > Note Pitch) and a Gate (Insert Module > MIDI In > Gate).

It needs an Out Port (Insert Module > Terminal > Out Port) to connect to the Audio Out in the "Ensemble - Structure".

It doesn't really matter in what order you insert these modules in the structure, as long as you connect them correctly. But we were building the OSC 1 so let's do a test with a Sine Oscillator (Insert Module > Oscillator > Sine) and insert him.

Connect the:

You should have something like this.

Figure 1. Nord Rack Structure

Nord Rack Structure

Now you can play notes with your computer keyboard. On an Azerty keyboard the DO note (pitch 60) is the "w" key (Qwerty, DO = "z")