o Build a Nord Lead with Reaktor 4
Visit the tutorials section to learn how to make a Nord Lead synthesizer in Reaktor.

Some readers informed me that there are some steps missing in the tutorial. If you have ran into them yourself, congratulations, it means you almost made it to the end! Sorry for the time you lost puzzling around with it and thanks for letting me know. Instead of changing the tutorial and after these years the tutorial is online, I've decided it was about time to give the ensemble to the community. So here it is, with even some small extra feature like a factor multiplier for Modulation Envelope Amount. Don't bother about the default sound. The purpose is that you make something with it so delete those presets and make them yourself.

reaktor-nord-lead-screenshot DOWNLOAD and have fun!

o How to install PHP 5.1.2 and Apache 1.3.34
A short instruction guide for installing an Apache webserver and PHP on Linux.

VMM Virtual MIDI Machine

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